What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design

is generally a visually pleasing marriage of form and function.  The purpose a piece serves should factor into the design of the piece–is it purely meant to be a visually pleasing art piece, or is it an advertisement for a product?  Is it a website for a client or yourself, or a product mockup that will be 3-dimensional?  In all of those cases, the visual design of the product should complement the purpose it serves.  A purely aesthetically pleasing art piece has far different standards for “good design” as opposed to a book that will be read, or a website that must function properly; if a designer focuses entirely on visual beauty in the latter cases, it could potentially lead to frustration in people who attempt to read the book or use the site and come to find that beauty equals neither ease of reading nor ease of navigation.  Ideally, “good design” means that the purpose is served, it looks nice, and it is user-friendly.


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