Premiere Video Project

The free version of WordPress does not allow video embedding, so here is the Vimeo link to my project.

This video is a visual essay/supercut of different clips from PSAs, educational films, and advertisements found on  I tried to use only public domain footage. The film, titled On Being a Woman, is a visual exploration of my own experience being a woman.  It is silent, as I could not figure out a song that would fit without disobeying copyright law; however, I may upload a version that has the song I planned on using, since Vimeo is somewhat more relaxed about copyrighted music compared to YouTube.  The song I planned on using is “Shades of Cool” by Lana Del Rey.  In making this film, I have discovered that I really enjoy making these bizarre films and I hope to continue making more of them in the future.  One may be entirely related to beauty, another may be pure Surrealism, and others still may involve explorations of mental health that would feel deeply personal for me but others may not understand.


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